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Justice Education Society International has opportunities for volunteers with a background in criminal justice, international development and project management. Spanish speaking individuals can contribute right away. To apply, send a letter of interest and your resume to international@JusticeEducation.ca. Experts should review the information below.



JES is looking to find subject matter experts who are interested in teaching, diagnosing and mentoring at our existing projects abroad. We would be excited to hear from investigators, attorneys, judges and translators who are willing to commit to at least one trip to a Central American country (lasting between 1-3 weeks) plus planning time. Ideally we would like to build a long term partnership with experts who can help the JES International program to grow and to support lasting change in the developing world.  

We are also always looking for voluntary support in our Vancouver office. We are keen to hear from individuals willing to give up a day or more per week and who could support us with administration, translation, interpretation, creating presentations, developing training course content and activities and much more. 

We are particularly interested in hearing from Spanish speakers. 


"The enthusiastic welcome of our Guyanese colleagues and their commitment to assessing our ideas and debating their pros and cons in the Guyanese context has been and continues to be a rewarding experience for me.
I urge everyone who receives a call from JES to participate in one of their project here or abroad to jump at the opportunity. You will not regret it!" - Judge Mike Hicks (retired)



FAQs for Experts 

1. Am I suitable? 

JES is looking for experts who have substantial experience working in the field of justice in Canada and beyond. This could be through RCMP, VPD, INTERPOL, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court, CFSEU, or many other agencies. We are looking for individuals with an expertise in Major Case Management, Oral Trials, Crime Scene Examination, Surveillance, Fingerprints, Wiretapping, Criminal Investigative Analysis, Bloodstains, Ballistics etc. 

Both retired and active experts would form a welcome addition to the team. 

Experience in teaching and mentoring would be a strong advantage. 


2. Why should I get involved? 

JES has been developing its international program since 2000. Our international project focuses on the sharing of knowledge of Canadian experts and with a training of trainers model to ensure that the project is sustainable for years to come. JES works with local police, prosecutors, analysts, and judges in the countries in which we work. 

Working for JES abroad can be an extremely rewarding experience… 

“I was shocked and amazed to see how few resources the police have down there.
It was incredibly eye opening to see how under prepared the police were. But we had a wonderful welcome from the Guatemalan police force who were so hungry for knowledge and finished the course excited to put their new skills into action. I’d recommend it to any retired investigator who wants to give something back. I’m already looking forward to our next trip”

- Retired expert John

Comment made after returning from JES project work in Guatemala 



3. How much time do I need to commit?

The minimum commitment would be to join us on a trip abroad to carry out training, coaching and mentoring of local Police, Prosecutors and Judges. Trips typically last between 1 and 3 weeks, and we would also require approximately x hours of planning with our team before leaving Canada. The most valuable experts are those who are willing to join us for multiple visits and who can help us to develop our international programmes over several years. 


4. Do I need to speak Spanish / other languages?

We have projects in English- as well as in Spanish speaking countries. While it is not necessary to speak Spanish, it increases the number of potential projects that you would work in.

In the spansih speaking countries most of the individuals who come to the training sessions will not speak English. We also appeal for voluntary translators who join us on trips in cases where our experts are not able to speak the local language. 


5. Will my costs be covered? 

JES will cover all of the expenses during your time away. This includes flights, hotel and meals. 

We would be interested in hearing from individuals who are willing to work as volunteers, as well as those who would require a stipend in addition to their expenses. 

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you at 604-660-9870 or  info@JusticeEducation.ca.