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What We Do

Improving Criminal Justice Systems

Criminal Justice Systems protect human rights and civil and political liberties. In many parts of the world, people struggle daily with poor access to justice. Ill-equipped authorities often do not have the means to tackle violent crime, corruption, and a lack of security. Building the capacity of criminal justice systems worldwide is the focus of JES International’s work.

We do this by:

  • Diagnosing the needs and issues
  • Creating country appropriate training resources and procedures to provide needed skills and policies
  • Creating an implementation plan for system change (training strategy, new procedures, support resources)
  • Coaching and evaluation

Increasing Access to Justice for Women and Girls

Women and Girls are disproportionately affected by injustices across the world. In many countries domestic violence and rape are seldom reported due to a lack of trust in the justice system and poor track record in convicting the perpetrators.

Criminal justice systems are also often unprepared to effectively deal with issues surrounding women and girls. JES addresses these challenges by

  • Training authorities on how to deal with violence against women and discriminatory practices
  • Working with local authorities on how to deal with evidence, manage and and resolve cases
  • Producing training materials tailored to local requirements on topics such as domestic violence and other forms of violence against women
  • Producing written handbooks specifically designed to address the challenges faced by women and children
  • Measuring gender based statistics in each of our projects and prioritizing the participation of women in our work worldwide

JES International is currently developing future project proposals with a focus on access to justice for women and children.

Providing Public Legal Education and Information

Hand in hand with building capacity in Criminal Justice Systems, it is essential for the public to have an understanding of how their justice system works, what their rights are and how to access justice services.

JES works with the public to build understanding of the their justice system by:

  • Developing educational and training materials with clear and straightforward information, tailored to specific groups in different countries
  • Helping build access to legal assistance and needed support 
  • Producing websites, networks and training sessions that help to make legal processes accessible, understandable and to break down barriers of fear,  intimidation, and lack of awareness.

JES International is currently developing future project proposals with a focus on access to justice for women and children.