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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Legal Education

Legal Education


Evaluation Study: Canadian and Chinese Approaches to Prosecution  (2000)

Public Legal Education Exchange (2003)

Completed 2000 and 2003
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

The Society,working with the Chinese Prosecution Ministry, developed and delivered a three-day seminar on Canadian and Chinese approaches to prosecution. In subsequent years, the Society hosted several delegations of prosecutors to further discuss further a number of the issues regarding how to develop and maintain effective prosecution services. 

In 2003, JES organized a delegation of public legal education experts to travel to China and meet with officials from the Government of China to discuss how public legal education is being developed in the country and how it can be used to increase citizen awareness of justice reform. Delegation members meet with Government officials in Beijing, Shangai and Quangchow. Part of this included a seminar to exchange views of best practices and visits to communities and a community prison.