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Justice for Victims of Gender-Based Violence

Global Affairs Canada in partnership with the Government of Honduras

This project is funded until 2023 by Global Affairs Canada in partnership with the Government of Honduras. The project will work with the Attorney General’s office, National Police, Supreme Court of Justice, Ministry of Human Rights, and civil society organizations to improve the justice system's response to crimes of sexual and gender-based violence, and crimes against LGBTQI people. The project provides the criminal justice system with a combination of training and coaching, support to existing community-based level initiatives, and pilot projects in impactful areas. The objective is to promote more effective investigations, raise awareness through high level seminars, and develop digital material. 

Honduras has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in Latin America. According to the United Nations, a woman is killed every 18 hours in the country, often with impunity. Not only are prosecutions rare but, typically, the women themselves are blamed for their rape or murder. According to UN World Report, Honduras also has high rates of LGBTQI murders, also with high rates of impunity and a pattern of victim blaming. 

Through interviewing representatives from the public prosecutor's office, national police, Court of Justice; civil society organizations, and donors, JES has created a baseline and developed an implementation strategy. The project will strengthen the capacities of justice workers in first response, investigation, preparation, presentation, and judgement in trial of sexual and gender-based crimes against women, girls and LGBT people.