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Legal Education

Legal Education


Families Change 

Garfield Heights Municipal Court    

FamiliesChange.ca.gov completed in 2014 / Other project work is on-going
California Court, Garfield Heights Municipal Court (Ohio), New England PLEI Agencies

Families Change: In 2004, JES produced a ground-breaking website – FamiliesChange.ca – to help BC parents, teens and kids deal with a family break-up. Over the years, the site has been expanded and updated numerous times. It now includes Parent, Teen and Kids Guides to Separation and Divorce, two online “Parenting After Separation” courses and an interactive game (Changeville) for kids. 

JES is working with California Courts and New England states (Vermont, Connecticut and Maine) to produce versions of the website for those jurisdictions. In 2016, the site will also become a national resource for all Canadians. 

Impact: From April 2106, more than 75 million Americans and Canadians will have access to family resources developed by JES and customized for each jurisdiction.

Garfield Heights: In 2015, a busy court within the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio approached JES to produce a website similar to our SmallClaimsBC.ca site. In 2016, GHMC.org launched with much acclaim. The site includes a range of information to help court users be able to move their case through the court more easily. Along with web text and 20+ videos, the site provides a Virtual Assistant to guide users to the information they need.