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JES International

We are a Canada-based organization that creates programs with Canadian and International Expertise together with local partners in the countries in which we work. We receive the majority of our funding from the Government of Canada's Global Affairs program.

Our Guatemala Office allows us to work closely with Central American partners to create appropriate programs and tangible solutions to address local barriers to justice.

Our Mission:

"JES International works with partners around the world, with current emphasis on the Americas, to deliver practical, integrated and impactful projects that promote effective and accessible justice systems which are key to sustainable development, individual security and human rights."


Our Approach

Protecting Human Rights
We believe in working across the globe to protect human rights.
Basic human rights such as the right to life, liberty and security are only possible if countries have functional, effective and trusted justice systems and citizens understands their rights and how to access services effectively.
JES works to improve and protect civil and political rights with local partners, where support is most needed. 


Taking a Holistic Approach
We believe the only way to do this successfully is to take a holistic approach; to think about who the system serves and whether they are served properly; to look at the system as a whole and to work with all of the players.
Our methods are based on producing functionality within the local justice systems; diagnosing the issues, designing and delivering training, coaching key individuals, ensuring appropriate policies are in place, working with regional partners to have a greater impact and monitoring and evaluating impact.
In order to succeed, we focus on building functional and effective systems with local partners. 


Using a gender lens
Whether or not a particular project has a defined gender focus, we carry out diagnostics with a gender lens to ensure women, girls and other underserved groups have improved access to justice. We focus on the participation of women in our training programs, and our monitoring and evaluation methods include measuring gender-based statistics.


Working with a Sustainable Strategy
JES believes that working with a sustainable framework for the future is a key element of our work. Canadian experts select, train and coach locals who will continue to build the capacity of their teams long after JES’ projects come to an end.


Building on Sustainable Development Goals
We work primarily with Goal 5 and Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which were agreed in 2015 with 190 countries to end extreme poverty, fight inequality & justice, and fix climate change. Some of our project work has supported other SDGs. Goal 5 focuses on achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls And Goal 16 promotes peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective and inclusive institutions at all levels