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Follow the Evidence - Documentary introducing our "Strengthening the Ciminal Justice System in Guyana" Project

Justice Education Society of British Columbia is currently implementing their "Strengthening the Criminal Justice System in Guyana", a Canadian funded project to strengthen the Guyanese criminal justice system. The goal of this project is to develop the technical capacity of the police, prosecutors and magistrates to work with criminal evidence ultimately to combat criminal activity and to create greater security for Guyanese citizens. The documentary below titled "Follow the Evidence" provides a great introduction to this exciting project.


Ambassadors Advocate for Public Education and Discuss JES' Capacity Building Project in Panama

JES' Capacity Building project in Panama is discussed by the Canadian ambassador Anna-Karine Asselin. The Canadian Ambassador gathered with Ambassador Feeley from the U.S., Ambassador Cruz from Chile and UNODC representative de Andres to discuss the important role which public education plays in the success of  Panama's transition to the adversarial system of criminal justice. http://www.prensa.com/politica/SPA-sugerencias-experiencias_0_4542295820.html

Follow the Evidence Feb 14 from stephen herman on Vimeo.


Oral Trial Preparation: Train the Trainer

 From June 13th to June 17th the Justice Education Society ran a Train the Trainer course in "Oral Trial Preparation" in David, Panama as part of its 32 month project "Strengthening Anti-Crime Capacity in Panama". JES is supporting Panama in the transition from an inquisitorial to adversarial justice system in a series of training courses, coaching and equipment provision to strengthen capacity in investigation, trial preparation and presentation and the gathering and use of video evidence. ​​http://www.organojudicial.gob.pa/noticias/culmina-seminario-%E2%80%9Cpre...


“Combatting Gangs and Criminality in Central America’’ project: New agreement signed in El Salvador

 To improve and strengthen the investigation and the fight against criminal groups in Central America, JES signed a new cooperation agreement in El Salvador with the Civil National Police (PNC) and Attorney General’s office (FGR). The agreements were signed with the new authorities from both entities: Howard Cotto PNC’s Director and Douglas Meléndez Attorney General of El Salvador. This project will include different types of training such as criminal intelligence analysis, as well as a much-needed prosecutors’ protection program. This is a two-year CAD $2.1 million project which is implemented in the Northern Triangle of Central America and will include evaluations and follow up phases. You can read more about this news (Spanish version) at http://www.diariocolatino.com/pnc-apuesta-al-combate-de-maras-y-criminalidad/


“Strengthening the Guyanese Criminal Justice System’’: Canada’s largest bilateral project with Guyana

The CAN$ 750,000 project is part of Canada’s Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP). It is being implemented by the Justice Education Society of British Columbia in Guyana since 2015 in collaboration with the Ministries of Public Security and Legal Affairs, as well as the Office of the Chancellor of the Judiciary, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Guyana Police Force. More than 75 members of the criminal justice system are currently being trained in Major Case Management, Crime Scene Management, and Forensic Video Analysis; it will also build the country’s capacity in equipment for crime scene investigation and forensic video analysis. The following are links to some local newspaper articles:



The Provincial Court and its involvement in JES’ Guyana Project

 The following article is from the Provincial Court of British Columbia eNews sharing how the Justice Education Society of BC and the Provincial Courts Judges work in Guyana, offering invaluable support in this process. “Strengthening the Guyanese Criminal Justice System”, is a 20-month project funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development (DFATD), and its main goal is to strengthen the Guyanese criminal justice system by developing the capacity of the police, prosecutors and magistrates to identify, collect and work with evidence. Read more about this story here.


 Down to the Wire: JES’ Contribution to the Guatemalan Attorney General’s Office

 Since April 2015, Guatemala has been shaken by a series of corruption cases involving the President, Vice President, the Minister of Interior, the tax authorities and others. Over 40 people are imprisoned facing criminal charges. 

The solid investigative work behind these cases is the result of years of capacity built in the Attorney General's Office to collect forensic, scientific evidence with criminal analysis and wiretap. The AG said "we couldn't have done this without the assistance of Justice Education Society (JES)". 

Our work since 1999 in coordination with the Guatemalan justice institutions, along with the courage and decision of the AG and the International Commission Against Impunity (CICIG) made possible these encouraging results. This case has been widely covered by international media and you can read more about ithere.


JES 2013-14 Annual Report.       

The 2013-2014 year was a busy one for the JES International Team.  We concluded five projects aimed at advancing justice reform and increasing capacity in Central America, and to reducing violence against women in Ethiopia.  Read more about what we did and what we have accomplished in the JES 2013-2014 Annual Report

JES donates videoconferencing equipment to Guatemalan institutions serving female victims

On August 18, JES donated new videoconferencing equipment for the Criminal Trial Court for Offences against Women, Sexual Offences, and Human Trafficking in the northern Department of Petén, Guatemala. Similar equipment is destined for Guatemala City and the Department of Sololá.

We have been supporting the Guatemalan judiciary since 2010 by building the capacity of the judges in oral trial skills. This donation takes our support one step further as the video equipment will soon be used by witnesses, victims and experts who cannot appear in court in person. We expect that the equipment will make the court more efficient, save the public time and result in better access to justice for the women and people of Guatemala. Funding is provided by the Government of Canada. 

​JES renews agreement with Guatemalan Public Ministry

JES renewed a cooperation agreement with the Public Ministry (PM) of Guatemala to continue training the Crime Investigation and Special Methods Units, and providing intelligence equipment, like for wiretapping and forensic video. The goal of this support is to assist and improve the investigative and surveillance work in tackling crimes against life.

The newly appointed Attorney General Thelma Aldana said that this international support in wiretapping for instance has allowed the special units to catch gangs of kidnappers, extortionists, and contract killers, and saved the lives of more than 1,200 victims since 2010. These investigation methods and technology have been applied in high-profile cases like the murder of nine members of the National Civil Police in Quetzaltenango and the eleven people killed in San Jose Nacahuil last year.

Funding is provided by the Government of Canada.


Minute 5:30 of http://guatevision.com/?p=73#sthash.rkDn8mUA.eJbiMzYu.dpbs

Photo caption: Canadian Ambassador in Guatemala: Stuart Savage, Guatemalan Attorney General: Thelma Aldana, JES Executive Director: Rick Craig


Government of Canada - Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development 

​(DFATD) ​announces $2.5 million of funding for JES International Project

The project "Strengthening Anti-Crime Capacity in the Northern Triangle" will provide specialized equipment and advanced training and coaching to ​hundreds of judges, police officers, prosecutors, crime scene technicians and analysts working for recently established law enforcement units in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. These units will investigate gangs and organized crime organizations and collect evidence for prosecution purposes.

Project duration: January 2014 - February 2015

Funding announced June 4 by DFATD