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Procuring and distributing equipment and services is a key part of Justice Education Society’s activities. This process applies to all procurement; including services, specialist equipment and standard supplies.


This process is intended to ensure JES has a fair, open and transparent system in place for procurement that takes due care of purchased materials and ensures value for money.

In accordance with our Contribution Agreements, JES will ensure that equipment, technology and materials purchased are not of a nature that contravenes Canadian or international export controls or practices.

JES will provide appropriate training, maintenance and follow up for all equipment purchased.


  1. Value for Money: JES will consider factors such as necessity, life cycle, shipping, and timing for goods, and experience, skill and effectiveness for services.
  2. Suitability: JES will consider suitability of goods and services to meet project need, to carry out intended purpose at international standard, that equipment can function optimally in destination country, that hotels and travel arrangements provide a suitable level of safety and security, and that contracted professionals have the specialist knowledge necessary. For the procurement of specialist equipment, a JES Subject Matter Expert will be consulted.
  3. Fair Competition: JES treats all vendors equally and permits all interested parties to take part in a competitive process. When offers are considered equal JES will give preference to small locally owned businesses.
  4. Conflict of Interest: Board members and members of staff will declare any conflicts of interests and will not be involved in making procurement decisions where such conflicts of interest exist. Such interests would include products or services which would result in financial gain for any member of staff or their immediate family, or his or her partner and their family.

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