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Sonia Poulin - Executive Director

Sonia joined JES in October 2017 and brings more than two decades of leadership experience leading increasingly complex operations within the legal sector.

She has enjoyed a successful career in the areas of law reform, legal information & research, legal education and technology. She held a number of progressively responsible positions in private law firms, academia and government in five different provinces and in both legal traditions. Prior to joining JES, Sonia was on the senior leadership team of Resolution and Court Administration Services of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General where she was responsible for the vision, leadership, direction and management of legal information, research and education services to the judiciary, prosecutors, practicing bar and the public in Alberta. Committed to access to justice and human rights, both in Canada and internationally, Sonia has contributed to numerous boards and committees in various capacities at regional, national and international levels. As a self-starter, she co-founded a public legal information and education organization, and has developed and led various international development projects and initiatives for the justice sector, most recently in Eastern Europe and Africa.

A multi-lingual, Sonia has a BA in Linguistics and French Studies (second language teaching concentration) (Concordia), a Master of Information Studies degree (McGill), a Master of Business Administration (Strathclyde) and is currently completing a Law degree (London).


Ian Morrison- International Program Director

As International Program Director, Ian leads the JES International team, overseeing the planning, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of JES’ international projects. Prior to joining JES, Ian contributed to the access to justice field for more than thirty years in various capacities. Before starting his work in international development in 2003, Ian worked for Canada’s largest legal aid program, Legal Aid Ontario, for more than twenty years. In 2003, Ian joined the International Initiatives program of the Canadian Bar Association and worked on development programs with a special focus on access to justice and capacity building for the legal profession. His previous work includes managing projects and consultancies in southern and eastern Africa, the Caribbean, Bangladesh and China. Most recently, Ian was Chief of Party of the USAID funded SAFE Program (Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace), designed to improve citizen access to land-related justice and to strengthen peace building and conflict mitigation in Uganda. Ian completed an LL.B. at the Faculty of Law of the University of Toronto and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1981. 


Mary Rider -  Assistant Director, International Operations

Mary Rider is the Assistant Director, International Operations at JES working closely with the Guatemala Office Team, the JES International Project Teams and the Canadian Senior Management and the Finance Department, she provides operations oversight for all international projects, and supports the International Program Director and Executive Director.  Mary came to JES from Fauna & Flora International where she worked as Projects Manager for the Americas & Caribbean team on environmental and governance projects with a focus on Central America. Mary is fluent in Spanish and is working on her French.


Cristella Marrufo - International Curriculum Officer

As the JES International Curriculum Officer, Cristella Marrufo coordinates and contributes to course content development and course quality control across six projects. Before joining the team, Cristella spent years as an educator in France and in the United States. She is passionate about gender mainstreaming and has worked with Oxfam Canada to implement national women's rights campaigns. JES International projects have provided a unique opportunity for her to combine her passion for education and social justice. Cristella has a degree in Political Science & International Relations and is fluent in Spanish and French.


Ileana Arroyo- Business Manager, Guatemala

Ileana joined JES after more than 20 years of experience in finance, accounting, taxes and auditing for several multinational organizations. She is a CPA and has a post-graduate degree in banking administration. As Guatemala´s Business Manager and Accountant, Ileana is responsible for managing the Guatemala office’s accounting and facilities, to ensure proper functioning. She also ensures the implementation of financial controls and procedures in Guatemala.


Gabriela Ayala- Translator

Gabriela Ayala is the Interpreter and Translator for JES. She has a degree in Linguistic Sciences with a specialization in Translation and Interpretation and has worked for several international organizations over the years. She has years of experience in translating complex legal and technological events, and documents. Gabriela is fluent in English, Spanish, has a working proficiency in Portuguese and is currently learning Russian!


Marilú Pérez - Administrative and Finance Assistant

Marilú is the Administrative and Finance Assistant who provides finance and operations assistance, and supports the Coordinator with general office administration. She is also responsible for logistical planning of events and trips by the Guatemala office staff. Marilú studied Business Administration and is currently enrolled in a Master Program in Human Resources.


Erick Toledo - Senior Project Officer, Central America

Erick is the Senior Project Officer for JES' Strengthening Criminal Investigations and Evidence Sharing in Central America project. He has been collaborating with JES since 2010. Previously, Erick worked as JES’s Project Officer for Special Methods of Investigation and several years as homicide investigator and as an investigations coordinator at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Guatemala.


Carlos Alberto Moran Agustín - Panama Country Representative & Project Coordinator

Carlos is the Panama Country Representative & Project Coordinator for JES' Strengthening Anti-Crime Capacity in Panama in the Context of the Transition to the Adversarial Legal System (SPA). Carlos has been collaborating with JES since 2012. He coordinates the project activities in Honduras in the areas of Crime Scene Examination, Major Case Management and Oral Trials. Previous to joining JES, Carlos worked 10 years for the Criminal Investigations Bureau in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Guatemala. Thanks to his experience in the justice sector, Carlos has a keen understanding of the problems affecting the region and is well equipped to work with our partner institutions in Honduras.


Gabriela Bú - Project Officer, Honduras

Gabriela is the Project Officer for JES' Justice for Victims of Gender-Based Violence in Honduras” project. She has been collaborating with JES since 2012. Before joining JES, Gabriela worked several years at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Honduras in the Department of External Liaisons. As a project officer there, she coordinated the implementation of capacity strengthening projects funded by international organizations or partner countries. Gabriela has a bachelor’s degree in International Business.


Philip Jakob- Project Manager, GIJS Sweden

Philip manages the Guatemala Institutional Justice Strengthening (GIJS) Project in Guatemala. Philip is an economist with over 15 years of experience in the implementation and evaluation of innovative projects across sectors. He holds two post-graduate degrees, one in International Development Economics from the University of San Francisco and the other in International Program Management with a particular focus on Latin America from Capilano University. Prior to working with JES, Philip managed government modernization projects in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica. He has also lead several program evaluations.


Jorge Quiñonez - Project Coordinator, GIJS Sweden

Jorge is the Project Coordinator for the Guatemalan Institutional Justice Strengthening Project (GIJS). He is a lawyer by training and has been collaborating with JES since 2010. During this time, he worked on projects related to Criminal Analysis and Investigations, Crime Scene Examination, Major Case Management and Oral Trials Trainings in Guatemala and Honduras. Jorge had also worked previously as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program, in a project to strengthen Guatemala’s judicial system.


Kessler Blanco- Project Officer, GIJS Sweden

Kessler Blanco is the Project Officer for JES’ Guatemala Institutional Justice Strengthening (GIJS) Sweden project. Before joining the JES team, she worked for the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT) and for more than eight years she worked at the National Institute of Forensic Sciences Guatemala occupying a variety of positions among which included: Head of International Cooperation, General Secretary and Secretary of the Board of Directors, which was made up of representatives from institutions from the justice sector and by the presidents of the professional associations of Lawyers and Notaries, Chemists and Pharmacists. Kessler is an Attorney and Notary Public and has a Masters Notary Law.


Jaime Hidalgo- Project Manager, Technological Platforms

Jaime is the project manager for JES’ Building a Technological Platform to Support Victim Services in Guatemala project. Born and raised in El Salvador, prior to joining JES Jaime worked as a policy analyst for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, involved primarily in economic development policy. Before his work for the federal government, Jaime completed his Master's degree in Globalization and International Development at the University of Ottawa where his thesis research looked at agricultural production and prison labour systems in El Salvador. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Development at McGill University and had brief stints working in Latin America and East Africa in international development. 


Azucena Cajas- Project Coordinator, Technological Platforms

Auzcena has been a part of the JES team since 2012. In her capacity as an Auxiliary Project Officer, she provided assistance to the Northern Triangle project in the areas of administration, logistics, translation, interpretation, finance, graphic design, and monitoring and reporting. In 2017, became the Project Coordinator for the Technological Platforms project where her experience across the board in the organization would prove valuable. Azucena has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising, and considerable experience in communications for non-profit and municipal organizations. She is also a lecturer at the Mesoamerican University of Quetzaltenango where she teaches courses in advertising and communications.


Katherine Noack- Project Officer, Technological Platforms

Katherine is the Project Officer for the Building a Technological Platform to Support Victim Services in Guatemala project. From 2013-2014, Katherine worked at JES as the Guatemala office administrative financial assistant. Prior to working for JES, Katherine gained over five years of experience working for several international organizations such as Mercy Corps, Care and Save the Children and through supporting USAID projects in Guatemala. Katherine completed a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and a Project Management for Development certification. She is currently pursuing her Law degree.


Guyana Team

Evelyn Neaman - Project Manager, Guyana

Evelyn Neaman

Evelyn Neaman is the Project Manager for the "Strengthening the Guyanese Criminal Justice System" project. For 24 years, Evelyn managed more than 100 Canadian and international innovative justice programs for JES and served as the first JES International Program Manager from 2009-2015. Evelyn has developed and managed justice reform projects in China, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Montenegro. She also served as a technical advisor to Agriteam Canada’s JUDGE project in Vietnam from 2010-2012 where she helped design community based public legal education programs. Evelyn has co-produced/directed four documentary films on international justice reform. In September 2015, JES awarded her the "Louise Arbour Award for International Justice" for her longstanding career and commitment towards building effective justice systems. Evelyn is now an independent consultant to JES.


Galina Sergeeva - Project Coordinator, Guyana

Galina Sergeeva


Galina Sergeeva joined JES as the Guyana Project Coordinator in November 2016. Galina works with JES staff and experts in Canada and Guyana to support implementation of JES Guyana project. Galina holds a Masters degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, and prior to joining JES worked in proposal development and grants management in non-profit organizations in Russia and Ethiopia.



Rolinda Kirton, LLB - JES Country Representative, Guyana

Rolinda Kirton

Rolinda is the JES Country Representative - Guyana, in the "Strengthening the Guyanese Criminal Justice" project, funded by Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. Rolinda holds a Degree in Law and a Diploma in Technology. She is a trained Facilitator and High Court Mediator and has considerable experience designing and delivering management development training. She is also a certified Master Practitioner in the field of Neuro-Dynamics through the Netherlands Training Institute. Rolinda served as a consultant with UNDP in the UN Social Cohesion and Peacebuilding Program in 2004 and later with UNICEF in 2005 as a Psychosocial Consultant. 

In 2006 she was awarded the prestigious Chevening Fellowship by the British government, in Conflict Resolution, at the University of York in the Post-War Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU), and an internship at International IDEA in Sweden. Ms. Kirton served for three years as Project Manager for the Canadian Association of General Surgeons in the Guyana Diabetes Care Project – Phase 2, funded by CIDA-Canada. In 2013 Ms. Kirton joined the CIDA staff as a temporary Development Officer to oversee regional projects in the area of sustainable economic growth. In 2014 Ms. Kirton joined a private law firm where she is attached as a legal associate and in 2015 as an independent consultant to JES.


Stacia Rose - Guyana Project Assistant

Stacia Rose

Stacia Rose is the Guyana Project Assistant. She joined JES in November 2016. Her educational background is in sciences (mathematics and biology) and English. Prior to joining JES, Stacia worked at the Georgetown-based Project Support Unit, which provided support services for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canada (DFATD) programmes in Guyana. Among her diverse skill-set, she is experienced in payroll and record keeping, events coordination, office procedures and customer relations.